Building Online Presence

Online Presence Management:

The practice of managing your overall visibility across the entire Internet.

Building Online Presence

As a best practice, if you create quality content for all of your marketing materials, the internet will reward you. The same is true for the other side of the coin;
garbage in = garbage out.

This goes for ALL content that is published about you or your company, online or printed. However, there is some content you have little or no control over. But there is good news; even though you may not be able to control every word that is published about your company, if you are aware, you can proactively manage it.

As a small business or an individual doing business under your own name, it is important to manage and build your online presence and be confident that the information and messaging about your company is correct and consistent across all platforms; whatever format it may be.

Not only that, are you capitalizing on all the potential opportunities these things can bring? Are you taking advantage of the 'low hanging fruit'? Is the information that is listed, is it correct? Do these listings represent your company in a positive and consistent way? Are they consistent with your brand and identity?

Is there information or listings that is confusing? Or information that links to old websites or broken links that lead nowhere?

You have only a few seconds to capture the readers attention; you have to convince them they have arrived at will give them the information they've been looking for. As you might assume, a large number of consumers search for local businesses - small businesses - in your area everyday. It's important to be seen how you want to be seen, and more importantly - be relevant.

How do you show up? 
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