Direct Marketing

Email Marketing and Direct Mail

In the area of direct marketing, FRESHBOX Marketing specializes in helping you build, manage and execute your email and direct mail campaigns. 

Email Marketing

We can help you first of all by organically growing your email marketing list of subscribers through social media marketing.  By implementing your marketing strategy and using your brand identitywe can create the layouts and an editorial calendar of your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing may seem to now be "old school" in terms of technological advancements, but it is still a very important part of any successful marketing strategy. 

The benefits to email marketing: 

  • Economical - An email list is less cost and easier to gather contact information than snail mail addresses. Managing subscribers and electronic sign-up is with a click of the button. You may have a monthly cost to manage your email list, but other than that, the cost to email your list is very economical, if not free when you compare it to printing and postage costs.
  • Tracking - You can track your email blast and find out who has opened it, who has clicked-through and interacted with your email, and how much traffic is it driving to your website. It is easy to estimate your ROI on an email campaign since all the analytics and stats are electronic.
  • Saves Time - A high quality, carefully crafted email marketing piece can be created in a few hours and reach thousands and millions of people in a matter of minutes. You can start monitoring and taking advantage of your investment right away.
  • Quality Content They Want To Read - If you design your emails with the rule of "less is more", and have the reputation of sending emails that have high-quality content that people want or need, people will read AND look forward to receiving your email. 

Direct Mail

Although a traditional marketing method and historically thought to be very costly, many small businesses can still capitalize on a well planned out and well crafted direct mail piece. Focused to a specific target audience, a direct mail campaign can offer big returns. 

FRESHBOX Marketing can help design, create and distribute a direct marketing piece for a specific target audience and help track your return. From a flashy postcard, to a masterfully wordsmithed letter, or a fantastic coupon campaign, we can help design the right piece for your audience.

Send us a message today and let us help you reach that target market.