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Website Design and SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Developing a website for your business can be a big undertaking. Putting the money, effort and time into building a website for your business, only to find out nobody can find it, is a costly mistake - however happens a lot to small businesses. It is pointless to have spent the money for a bad-ass, slick-looking website design, and nobody can find your website. All the graphics in the world will not drive any traffic to your website, and it sure won't convert any of those to real sales. 

What is the secret sauce? Content...content...content.

At FRESHBOX Marketing, the core of our approach to our website design and development as well as everything from logo design to domain name choice and printed marketing materials, comes from a standpoint of 'CONTENT IS KING'. By creating the entire marketing strategy with the foundation of solid search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization,  your content can't help but be relevant, searchable, and most importantly of all, communicates exactly what you want your audience to know. 

Web designers and marketing agencies are more than happy to design your brand identity package, but unfortunately many times the thought of SEO and SEM as it relates to content is an afterthought or something that is done separately. 

By focusing on the quality of content and SEO from the very beginning of the process, and building a foundation that incorporates many important aspects of search engine optimization,  FRESHBOX Marketing is able to set you in the right direction as it pertains to your online presence, search engine rankings, and simply just being found for what you want to be found for. 

With that being said, design is still a very important aspect of your website and your other marketing materials. A good website design is pointless unless it has 'meat on its bones' or good content. 

So whether you need a basic website design for your business, a larger one showcasing all your capabilities, or an e-commerce site where you want to sell your products or services online, we can help you develop a perfect solution, from the standpoint of good content and SEO, to put you ahead of the game in your industry. When looking at the online rankings of the various search engines, it is much easier to get rankings and be found if launch your website at a higher level of SEO quality, than it is to launch a website with no thought to SEO, then try to build it up. 

With FRESHBOX - we give you a leg up with what you're already going to be putting your time and money into anyway. 

What kind of website do you need? Contact us to help you develop a high quality content and SEO friendly website.